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Welcome To The World Of Leung Thongthap

How did StarKidz Literacy Press start?

StarKidz Literacy Press is Leung Thongthap’s lifeblood. It is a creation of her inner child. Her mission? To reach as many children (and adults) as possible through her words.

Leung hopes that her stories—personal messages from her life experiences, inner child, and imagination—bring smiles, peace, and harmony to her readers’ hearts. She believes that no matter what age you are, being childlike at heart brings happiness. After all, everyone has been a child. Leung believes that every child is a gift from the stars. Each child has a star within them; and they should reach for the stars that belongs to them. 

"Every star child is our future, and they will be a helping hand to make the world a better place. What’s more, there is never enough for children and adults to learn. There is always something we do not know.” - Leung Thongthap


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